community events

In addition to our weekly classes, we often have free crafts and activities as well as special events at Twirl so see our monthly schedule if you don't want to miss out on the fun! Or sign up for our newsletter so you can get the information sent directly to your mailbox. These programs are offered free to local and visiting children and families thanks to the generous support from individuals and foundations. Learn how you can support these programs at

Upcoming Events:

School Daze

Thursday, July 20th at noon at Twirl

A musically-grooved, theatrical romp, in which students try to navigate through the the horrors, absurdities, pitfalls and follies of the first day of middle school, while balancing on that tricky tightrope between being a kid and a teenager. Free. All ages. 

The Paseo POP (Party on the Plaza)

Saturday, September 23rd

Stay tuned for more details on this awesome community event!