community events

In addition to our weekly classes, we often have free crafts and activities as well as special events at Twirl so see our monthly schedule if you don't want to miss out on the fun! Or sign up for our newsletter so you can get the information sent directly to your mailbox. These programs are offered free to local and visiting children and families thanks to the generous support from individuals and foundations. Learn how you can support these programs at

Upcoming Events:

The Paseo POP (Party on the Plaza)

Saturday, September 23rd 7-11pm on Taos Plaza



Saturday, September 23rd 7-10pm in Teresina Lane (the east side of Twirl where the yellow duck lives)

Explore and discover the potential creativity, fun and science of how we see what we see and the endless possibilities of perception as you experience this immersive EYE PLAY INSTALLATION for the whole community to enjoy. Create your own optical illusion to play with while you enjoy this awesome evening of art on Taos Plaza. See our Paseo page for more info.

A Day of Play for Global Cardboard Challenge, October 7, 11 - 2

Join us on Saturday, October 7th in the Twirl courtyard from 11am - 2pm for a day of creative play! We'll have cardboard, recyclables and all the materials you need to build whatever you dream up!

The Global Cardboard Challenge was inspired by a kid called Caine who built an arcade entirely out of cardboard in his dad's garage. Watch his viral video here:

Start thinking now of ingenious ways you can create something awesome out of cardboard. Then join us on October 7th and get creative! Work on your own or as part of a group. Take part in our special challenge and come up with ideas for a new play feature... for the Twirl courtyard, a school playground or another community space. Let's see if we can turn someone's brilliant idea in to a real-life community project.

Twirl was recently named a Chapter Leader of, organizers of the Global Cardboard Challenge. Stay tuned for other creative play projects coming soon!