Taos is a rural and economically-challenged community and many children living here miss out on opportunities afforded to their big-city contemporaries to visit science and children's museums. Twirl is committed to increasing access for local school children to this type of of content by partnering with regional museums to bring programs and events to Taos.

Twirl has been working with Explora, the Science Center & Children’s Museum of Albuquerque, for the past couple of years to bring their science outreach programs to Northern New Mexico.

This year, Twirl is acting as a Regional Outreach partner, facilitating experiential classroom explorations and family science nights in schools and other institutions. 

 Schools can choose from the following options. 

Option A: Host an Explora Family Science Night at your school.

Explora-trained educators will set up and facilitate exciting science activities and tabletop exhibits designed for a fair, festival or open-house setting. This is a great event for families to learn and engage together. It’s a mini-Explora at your school! These can be offered after school, in the evening as a standalone event or as part of a science fair or other school event. The cost is $250 for up to three hours.

Option B: Explora Classroom Explorations at your school.

These are hour-long, experiential K-8 programs, bench-marked to relevant NMPED grade level standards and facilitated by Explora-trained educators. Each program takes an inquiry approach to learning and involves every student in active exploration of physical materials. We can accommodate several classes/grades in one day. A great opportunity for up to eight classes to experience classroom explorations in one day, for a total fee of $250.

Choose from:

Beautiful Bubbles: Pre-K-2. Get ready for some soapy fun as students use a variety of materials and solutions to experiment with bubble blowing. Students observe the colors in a bubble and make colorful bubble prints.

Forceful Magnets: Pre-K-2. Investigate which items are attracted to magnets and which are not, and explore attracting and repelling with a wide variety of materials. Students use magnets to add “fur” to animal pictures, race magnetic cars, and more.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pre-K-2. Students investigate reflection and symmetry as they compare their images in reflective materials, build kaleidoscopes, and make symmetrical art.

On a Roll: Pre-K-3, Observe and compare rolling systems using recycled materials, cups, and marbles. Test which shapes roll the best, and create a roller coaster for marbles.

Energy Transformers: 3rd-8th. During these energizing activities, participants explore the different forms of energy and how these forms are converted from one to another. Students will experiment with “Newton’s Cradles” and build wind turbines that produce electricity.

Chance or Lucky Guess?: 4th-8th. By flipping coins, rolling dice, picking marbles from a jar, and collecting data on candy, students discover that some outcomes are predictable. Students run experiments, collect data, and determine the probabilities of certain outcomes for independent events.

Scheduling for these events can be made by contacting Kendra at 575 751 1402 or kendra@twirltaos.org

Twirl also partners with Explora to bring science-based summer camps to kids in Taos. See our Camps section for more information.

To find out more about Explora, visit their website www.explora.us