Twirl at Child Find

Saturday, May 6th 2017 11am-2pm at Los Angelitos 1030 Salazar Road with food and fun for free! Come see the Twirl table and do a cool project!

Family Photo Day at Twirl

Saturday, May 6th 11am-4pm upstairs at Twirl. Get some awesome family photos taken by students from the Taos High School Photography Program.

Twirl at KCEC Powering a Brighter Future Event

Saturday, May 6th 11am-2pm at KTAOS Solar Center. Twirl will host a solar-themed craft.

Mother's Day Craft

Saturday, May 13th 11am-1pm at Twirl



Tuesday       10:15am-11:00am   Family Music w/Ivy
                    1:00pm-1:30pm       Baby Music w/Ivy

Friday          10:15am-10:45am    Family Music w/Ivy
                    11:00am-11:45am    Ballet for Preschoolers w/Amber