We offer a choice of Themed Parties or Deluxe Packages:

Themed Party:­ Our party theme packages are available for a fee of $175.00. The Themed Party package includes space rental plus an hour of a Twirl party coordinator to provide a guided activity and craft.

Deluxe Package:­ This includes everything in the Themed Party, plus additional activities
and features to enrich your party theme. The cost is $275 for a three hour party hosted by a Twirl party coordinator.

Choice of Party Themes.

Kitties & Puppies.

Children will put on the “paws” we provide for the “Precious Paws Obstacle Course”, and crawl around obstacles, batting the ball through and tossing it into a basket at the finish ­line. They will also get to do a “Make Your Own Cool Collar” craft, making and decorating fancy pet collars to wear and take home.

Deluxe Party Package Add­-ons: Pin­ the­ Tail­ on­ the ­Pet game, pre­-made ears for kids to wear, party­mix kibble, pet ­photo decorations.


Kids get to have a “Fossil Hunt”, digging to find fossils hidden in the sandbox, which they can take home as party favors. They will also do a “Make Your Own Dinosaur Feet” craft, making and decorating their own dinosaur­ foot­ shaped shoe covers to wear and take home.

Deluxe Party Package Add-­ons: “Dino Eggs” – small figurines in plastic easter eggs, Dinosaur Roar contest, Pin­ the ­Tail ­on ­the ­Dinosaur, “Don't Step in Hot Lava” obstacle course­­ cardboard “rock” circles across floor for them to step on.


Children get to have their own “Pirate Treasure Hunt”­­; the party­goers will be given a treasure map, which will guide them around the Twirl birthday party area to a hidden treasure of tiny gifts for all to share. The little pirates also get to cut out, decorate and wear their own eyepatches, and bring them home as a souvenier.

Deluxe Party Package Add­-ons: Throw­ the­ Ring ­on ­the­ Sword Game,“Walk the Plank” masking­ tape line, “Pirate's Booty”­­ gold round crackers in black box (pirate's chest), Skull & Crossbones banners.

Construction Site

In the “Stack 'Em High” activity, little builders get to work together to build buildings using cardboard boxes, and see how tall a tower they can create through cooperation. They also get to “Make a Truck”, making and decorating their own trucks to take home.

Deluxe Party Package Add-­ons: Truck Race (in sandbox or on masking­tape floor lines), Building­ block play­time, Truck­ Truck ­Bulldozer (duck­duck­goose).

Outer Space

Party­goers get to play “Comet­ Toss”, tossing a “comet” through Saturn's rings, and earning “moon rocks” as prizes. In the “Build Your Own Rocket Ship” craft, the little space explorers will also get to craft and decorate their own rocket ships to play with and take home.

Deluxe Party Package Add­-ons: Hand ­print Aliens craft (draw and cut out hand­ prints, then decorate them to create aliens), Alien Freeze­Tag (outside only), Pin ­the­ Helmet ­on­ the Astronaut.


In the “Princess Adventure Scavenger Hunt”, the little princesses will follow a course of cut­-outs with riddles leading to the next clue, until they rescue themselves when they complete the final riddle. They will also get to do a “Make Your Own Crown” craft, decorating and wearing their own sparkly crowns to keep.

Deluxe Party Package Add­-ons: Pin­ the ­Kiss­ on­ the ­Frog, Make­ Your ­Own Castle with pieces of construction paper, Match­ the­ Jewels with ­­ different colors of pasta jewelry... kids must match by color & then take home as party favors

Fairy Tales

Children get to have their own “Magical Mystery Scavenger Hunt”, following fairy­tale characters with written clues attached around the party area to the winning destination, where they find a magical treasure horde with small gifts to share and keep. The kids will also get to decorate and keep their very own “magic wands” in a “Make Your Own Magic Wand” craft.

Deluxe Party Package Add­-ons: Toss the Ring into the Magic Hat, Fairy­ Tale Masks, Make popsicle­ stick character puppets, Pig ­Pig­ Wolf (Duck ­Duck ­Goose), Pin ­the­ Tail ­on­ the­Dragon.


In this very special party, an experienced teacher will lead a short but delightful ballet class for all the ballerinas. The children also get to do a “Snowflake Ballerina” craft, cutting out and decorating their own pretty ballerinas with paper snowflake tutus to keep.

Deluxe Party Package Add-­ons: Ballerina “Swan Lake” Masks, Toss the Tutu Game.