Twirl offers field trips for preschool through fifth grade students. Our free and fun-filled field trip program is a welcome resource for kids who may not have been to Twirl and for teachers who don’t have funding to take their students outside of Taos. It’s fun for everyone to get Twirly at the end of the semester!

Please plan on visiting for up to an hour and a half if you want time for outdoor play in our courtyard. We require a chaperone to student ratio of 1:8 for all groups.


Build and Fly and Play at Twirl! Participate in a crafty activity and get your spring ya yas out in the courtyard in bloom. These field trips take about an hour.


Explore Twirl Aglow, participate in a scavenger hunt and do a seasonal craft project. These field trips take about an hour.

For scheduling or questions, please email or call 575-751-1402. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Twirl can also help you book an Explora science outreach program for your school. Find out more in our Explora section.

These programs are offered free to Taos community schools thanks to the generous support from individuals and foundations. Learn how you can support these programs at


We are hosting a robotics and coding summer camp in conjunction with Taos Youth Software Community. It is the culmination of the Robot Play in-school program that Twirl has been doing all school-year long and will be offered to these students only.

The goal of the Robotics program was to build capacity for ongoing robotics instruction in Taos elementary schools. Twirl was able to place 24 grant-funded and 10 subsidized robots into Taos schools and provide instruction for 64 students and their teachers at 4 Taos schools - Enos Garcia, Taos Integrated School of the Arts, Arroyos del Norte and Taos Day School. As a result of this program, each school will be able to continue robotics in 5th grade classrooms next semester.  They will also nominate 3 students who have demonstrated a passion and aptitude for robotics to participate in this immersive robotics and coding camp.