Twirl offers field trips for preschool through fifth grade students to complement their classroom studies. These programs are offered free to Taos community schools thanks to the generous support from individuals and foundations. Learn how you can support these programs at

Our field trip programs are designed to inspire and engage all learners through hands-on exploration and creation, and are aligned with NMPED grade level and Common Core standards. Please plan on visiting for an hour and a half if you want time for outdoor play in our courtyard. We require a chaperone to student ratio of 1:8 for all groups.

Twirl is excited to offer you a menu of field trip choices at our location free of charge for pre-K-5th grades.  Field trips will include an exploration of the topic, games and a hands-on take home project appropriate for your age group. Fields trips are aligned to NMPED grade level and Common Core standards.

Shapes and Designs:  Creatively make connections with mathematics and art! Analyze properties, create models, and distinguish attributes as you design and create artistic compositions with a variety of materials.

Crafty Circuits:  Provides opportunities to explore circuitry and simple electronics using fun conductive materials like squishy dough, tape, ink and Little Bits.  

Light Play:  Provides students with hands-on activities that introduce them to the science of light using the official International Year of Light, Light Box kit developed by OSA. Bend, bounce and blend light using a variety of optical equipment as you see STEM come to light.

For scheduling or questions, please email or call 575-751-1402. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Twirl can also help you book an Explora science outreach program for your school. Find out more in our Explora section.