Coming soon! the 4th annual Invent Event!

Saturday April 28th, 2018, 12-4 pm at the Enos Garcia Gym

A Free Community Celebration of Creativity and Technology

Come discover the creativity, skills and talent of the Taos community, and use your own imaginations to make, create and innovate! Explore over 30 different stations showcasing a range of technologies and materials, including building and woodworking, solar technology, fiber play, print-making, robotics, 3D printing, electronics, flying machines, cool contraptions, tinker toddlers and much much more! Last year, almost 1,000 people explored Invent Event! and took home their wild creations and an appetite for more inventing!


Despite the crazy snowy April weather, our 2017 Invent Event! was a huge success. Over 800 people joined us to make, craft and build at 30 stations hosted by our wonderful community partners. See below for details of all the cool projects they provided.

In the lead up to Invent Event!, Twirl worked with 750 students at 8 area elementary schools, exploring fractals and making art as part of their in-school STEAM programming. Thanks to all the awesome teachers and kids for the beautiful contributions to the community fractal installation which will be on display at the event. 

This program is offered free to local and visiting children and families thanks to the generous support from individuals and foundations. Learn how you can support this and other programs like it at

If you missed this wonderful community celebration of creativity and technology last year, be sure not to this time around - we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Check our Facebook page for awesome photos from the event.

Thank you to the LANL Foundation, Centinel Bank, Brownrice Internet, Accesso Siriusware, Magee Build, the Taos News, Guerrilla Graphics, Wolfgang Spaworks, Taos Rockers, Dimond Mortgage and Chokolá Bean to Bar for supporting our event in 2017! Thank you to Enos Garcia for hosting the event and all our amazing community collaborators who make it possible!

2017 collaborators and stations!

Reflection Station (Explora)
Objective: The station explores patterns, kaleidoscope explorations and fractal-like designs and configurations made with reflections from mirrors.
Set Up: Station facilitates a hands-on setup with  reflective triangular prisms and folding mirrors.

PPC Solar/ Solar Everything (PPC Solar)
Objective: This station provides an introduction to simple applications of solar technologies.
Set Up: Solar Vehicle making. Demo and DIY projects.

Fiber Station (Wholly Rags/Weaving Southwest, Vortex Yarns, Kimberly
Hamill, Anne-Marie Emanuelli, Lindsey Schreiber, Judy Lockwood, Sierra Rose Gottschau)

Objective: This station facilitates hands-on sewing, weaving and spinning experiences.
Set Up: Hands-on fiber experiences with fiber art such as weaving, spinning and sewing on machines, a large alternative materials stand-up loom, 2 backstrap looms, a spinning wheel and spindles.

Circuit Station (Kit Carson Electric Co-op/Twirl)
Objective: This station facilitates exploring electricity and circuitry.  
Set Up: Kit Carson Coop will bring their circuit demo. Hands-on circuit boards and Little Bits for exploring modular circuitry.

Fractal Play (Fractal Foundation/Twirl)
Objective: This station explores the concepts of fractals
Set Up: Demo and hands-on fractal activities.
On display: 750 Taos student made Fractal Play sculptures.

Ham Radio Station (David Raskin/taosARC)
Objective:  This station will facilitate amateur radio communication.
Set Up: Participants will be able to communicate on Ham radio and get an understanding of how radio-waves work.

Mad Lib Poetry Station (SOMOS/Young Writers Club)
Objective: Mad Lib poetry with old typewriters
Set Up: SOMOS young writers create a mad lib poem that participants create and complete they type, cut and glue words and fill in the blanks.

Innertube Upcycling Station (Sara Basehart/SECOnds)
Objective: This station explores inventive ways of reusing bicycle inner tubes.
Set Up: Participants make creations, art and wearables out of inner tubes and various fasteners.

Robot Station (First Robotics/Liana Bayles/Roborave students)
Objective: This station facilitates demos and hands-on robotics experiences. First Robotics Los Alamos team will demo a robot, student driven hands-on Lego Mindstorm icon-based programming and running a robot with a challenge aspect. Station also shows how schools are using robotics.
Set Up: Demo and facilitation of First Robotics robot, hands-on Lego Mindstorm challenges such as line-following, with icon-based programming opportunities. Botball demo.

Mini Drone Range (Twirl)
Objective: At this station kids get to fly mini drones.
Set Up; Hands-on mini quad-copter drone flying within an assigned area.

Coding for a Purpose Station (Taos Steam Academy)
Objective: Taos STEAM Academy SEESAY student app developers will present a functional prototype of their SEE Something, SAY Something teen suicide prevention app concept for users to experience. CODING FOR A PURPOSE. #SEESAYINVENTEVENT
Set Up: App development. STEAM. Teen wellness, advocacy and suicide prevention.

Tinker Toddlers/ Illumination Station  (Inspire)
Objective: This station allows the smallest participants to play and build a world out of blocks and boxes in a magical darkened space where everything comes alive in the dark.
Set Up: Playing with blocks and boxes that are white, in black light with ambient soundscape, on floor level, easy access for the small ones. Boxes can have various textures, that glow in the black light.

Rube Goldberg Machines and Chain Reactions (Explora) (Anansi Student Demos)
Objective: This station explores cause and effect in the shape of simple machines.
Set Up: Demos of Anansi Charter School Rube Goldberg machines and Explora hands-on kit with materials for participants to use and create their own chain reactions, such as: wheels, pulleys, levers, ramps for changing the balance of objects.

3D printing (Twirl, Electric Sheep/ Mike Barbee)
Objective: This station provides an opportunity to see this exciting new technology up close and learn the principles behind it. The station facilitates experiencing everything related to 3D printing from beginning to end.
Set Up: Several printers working at the same time, printing out fractal shapes.

Hands on 3D Printing and Makey Makey Wii (Steve Cox/Embudo Library Maker Space/ Northern New Mexico Community College/Northern New Mexico STEM Mentor Collective)
Objective: 3D printing exploration from design to print and exploring a Wii-like game made with Makey Makey.
Set Up: At this station participants can design an object in Tinkercad and 3D print it, as well as play a home-made Wii-like game.

Augmented Reality (STEAM Lab@Tisa in collaboration with ARTAOS, Agnes Chavez/Megan Avina)
Objective: Come explore Augmented Reality at this station! Try it out, learn how it works and scavenger hunt with your mobile phone to see the gym transform before your eyes.
Set Up: iPads with AR software installed, coloring pages to color and hack,TISA student demos and hands on activities.

Shadow Play (Penasco Theatre/Alessandra Ogren, Rebekah Tarin)
Objective: This station facilitates playing with light and shadows.
Set Up: Hands-on making your own shadow object out of recycled materials, playing and performing with it.

Radio Show Station (Rosey Hayett, Truekids 1)
Objective: Live streaming of Invent Event. Recording of participants reactions about Invent Event
Set Up: Microphone recording participants

Radio Station (KNCE  Radio Broadcasting)
Objective: Live broadcasting
Set Up:

Hack-a-Puppet (Twirl)
Objective:This station facilitates design-make-play by hacking and repurposing and morphing old gadgets, items to create a puppet or a string and straw moving toy.tions, with wire, glue, string and all materials possible! Encourage kids to look at old stuff in new ways, and provide a fun way to explore tools and materials for repurposing.
Set Up: Piles of gadgets, toys and trinkets being repurposed and “put on string and straw” to make it move

Woodworking (Mark Goldman/UNM)
Objective: This station provides opportunities to use all sorts of woodworking tools. and facilitating simple woodworking.
Set Up: Large piece of wood for general woodworking experience and/or smaller 3-inch block pieces for a ‘take-away wood work challenge’, set up by tables in clamps.


Outside Solar Station (PPC/Carl Rosenberg)
Objective: This station explores reflection technologies and simple solar power conversion, with direct results.
Set Up: Solar oven cooking and other reflective solar technology demonstrations.

Sound Play (Miles Bonny and Aaron Kikola)
Objective: Making and mixing sounds with computer program  and making music with and old Gameboy turned into a synthesizer.
Set Up: Dj station for hands on music making and mixing. Sound making with an alternative synthesizer hacked from a Gameboy video game.

Nature Play Station (FIT)
Objective: Field Institute always facilitates fun and active learning about our environments and our community.
Set up: you can play games as an animal or a water droplet or just dress the part....and learn so more about our awesome program.

Seed Play (LEAP/Claire Cote & Siena Sanderson and AIRE/Miguel Santistevan)
Objective: This station facilitates kids’ understanding of the different ways that seeds disperse themselves to grow new plants. We will also check out some of the biomimetic designs inspired by seed dispersal! 
Set Up:  Hands-on seed dispersal experiments and “make-your own flying seed” dispersal activity with paper. Learn about different kinds of seeds and how you can clean and save seeds from your garden.  Take a sample of seeds to plant a small garden of your own!  

Knights in Cardboard Armor (Inspire)
Objective: Cardboard exploration for armour making.
Set-Up: Cutting , taping and assembling cardboard into fancy armour.

Clay Play (Scott Rutherford, Mandy Stapelford)
Objective: This station facilitates playing and shaping with clay.
Set Up: Hands-on clay experiences, rolling and stamping clay.

Pedal Power Smoothie Station (Rocky Mountain Youth Corps/Andy Greif)
Objective: Pedal-powered play.
Set Up: This station has a medium-sized kid friendly bicycle modified to make smoothies by pedal power. Milk and ice-cream will be mixed in a blender by pedaling a bicycle, for participants enjoyment.

Flying Machines Station/Drones/simple flying machines/rocket launching Demo Station (Steel Labs/Twirl)
Objective: This station will showcase various flying machines high and or low tech, such as RC airplanes, drones, rubberband airplanes.
Set Up: Demo of drones and drone task flying, make your own rocket and launch it, cardboard plane making and/or propulsion balloon hovercraft making.

Food vending by Taos High School Culinary arts program!